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D.C. Everest Student Musicians Perform in Historical WSMA Virtual Solo & Ensemble Festival 

More than 16,000 students across Wisconsin recently submitted virtual vocal and instrumental performances to the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) Virtual Solo & Ensemble Festival — an alternative experience the non-profit organization developed and launched for youth statewide amidst pandemic restrictions. The total number of performances made the event the largest known virtual festival of its kind in the United States. 

Students must earn a “starred first” rating in Class A (which consists of the most difficult music) at the district level to qualify for state level of the WSMA Virtual Solo & Ensemble Festival. D.C. Everest is proud to have had a large contingent of student musicians earn the opportunity to perform in this event. “The DCE Music students are really excelling,” states Joe Finnegan, DCE Senior High band instructor. “The musicianship needed to perform these solos and ensembles is high.  The difficulty of music in this category is of the college level.  Congratulations to all students involved in this event.”

“Our team has worked vigorously to adapt the traditional WSMA Solo & Ensemble experience to a virtual environment in order to give music students the opportunity to perform for feedback from adjudicators through the special video submission app. For many students, this has been their most prominent music education experience of the current school year, offering a familiar event when other opportunities to perform may not have been possible,” said WSMA Executive Director Laurie Fellenz. Students were able to upload their performance video and receive evaluation/comments all through the WSMA Festival App, specially developed in 2020 for the WSMA Virtual Solo & Ensemble Festival. 

This year, the following DCE student musicians submitted WSMA honors performances. The list includes links to students’ performances when available.

Dan Gerrits - trombone solo

Cole Morehouse - Marimba solo

Isabella Jaipuri - Alto sax solo

Brennen Straw - alto sax solo

Cadie Strahota - Marimba solo

Eleanor Schwantes - Alto Sax solo

Charlit Vang - Clarinet solo

Hailey Johnson - French Horn solo

Matt Peters - Alto sax solo

Emma Kosteccki - Alto Sax solo

Trumpet duet (Sean Powers and Jacob Isaacson)

Clarinet Duet (Brigitte and Anika Lindell)

DCE Jazz Band: Mason Zimmerman, Daniel Gerrits, Devon Powers, August Zimmermann, Joseph Abel, Nolan Bouffleur, Sean Powers, Jack Johnson, Lauren Koslowski, Lucas O'Brien, Torina Finnegan, Brooke Thompson, Gabe Clausing, Zach Lewerenz

Percussion Ensemble: (Sophia Winowiski, McKenna Green, Kate Magnuson, Cadie Strahota, Devon Powers, Sean Powers, Jake Moore, Cole Morehouse, Maddie Martin, Andrea Pesanka)

Percussion Trio: (Sophie Winowiski, Kate Magnuson, McKenna Green) 

Saxophone Quartet: (Nolan Bouffleur, Brennan Straw, Aidan Earl,  Jacob Goralski)

Clarinet Choir: (Charlie Vang, Lucas Allen, Brigitte Lindell, Kayleigh Oestreicher, Anika Lindell, Kayla Johnson,  Olivia Sloan, Marci Kodl, Anna Kostecki, Meghan Drinville, Maddie Martin, Devin Zoromski) – 

Chamber ChoirMax Koepke, Robby Alston, Nathan Madden, Elijah Proulx, Jay Nibarger, Ethan Proulx, Alex Pupp, Morgan Wierzba, Mansi Peters, Avalyne Fischer, Alaina Rupple, Addy Baeten, Lily Passineau, McKenzie Danielson, Dani Rayford, Sonja Budleski, Ashlyn Lewis, Jayson Coleman, Trent Geno, Reagan Kettner, Jay Nibarger — 

Senior Songspinners: Ashlyn Lewis, Reagan Kettner, Rachel Antonson, Meagen Wistrom, Lily Passineau, Ariel Xiong, McKenzie Danielson, Madison Irwin, Lydia Ellis, Sylvia Young, Hannah Mullins, Chloe Felch, Dani Rayford, Sonja Budleski, Grace Woodward, Emma Becker, Kaylee Anklam

Concert Choir Women Cohort A: Ashlyn Lewis, Lily Manning, Sadie Kleman, Reagan Kettner, Rachel Antonson, Ella Weiland, Grace Glynn, Brianna Rux, Caitlin Woller

Concert Choir Men: Derek Thao, Trent Geno, Jayson Coleman, Max Koepke, Robby Alston, Nathan Madden, Colden Larsen, Elijah Proulx, Jay Nibarger, Matthew Xiong, Ethan Proulx, Alex Pupp, Gavin Peterson, Jake Glapinski, William Gutierrez, Calvin Stewart and John Minor

Vocal Duet:  Rachel Antonsen and Lily Passineau

Junior Songspinners: Katie Kloth, Alaina Rupple, Pa Houa Lee, Vanessa Kamke and Addy Baeten

Sophomore Songspinners: Lily Manning, Brooklyn Roble, Morgan Wierzba, Adelle Zimmermann, Kalissa Kong, Emily Jacobson, Mansi Peters, Avalyne Fischer

Alto Solo: Ella Weiland

Concert Choir Women Cohort B: Isabelle Waller, Katie Kloth, Alayna Bleibaum, Maria Jauch, Brooklyn Roble, Meagen Wistrom, Pa Houa Lee, Jenna Krause, Anna Perdue, Erika Heil, Averi Merwin, Angelina Napierala, Brittney Channel

Soprano Solo: Emily Jacobson

Musical Theater Solo: Morgan Wierzba

Alternative Strings: Nadia Alonzo, Alyssa Brooks, Elsie Brzezinski, Maddie Bublik, Ember Butenoff, Ruoyu Chen, Michelle Gutierrez-Jakobi, Maryjane Hopkins, Allison Humpal, Suthida Thao, Luke Erickson, Taylor Harris, Abby Hayes, Addy Hunter, Ashlyn Lewis, Abby Osiecki, Derek Thao, Sadie West, Stacey Przybylski, Benjamin Schwantes, Henry Zastrow, McNally Frasier, Rachel Hansen, Aiden Walter, Matthew Westphal, Loleepao Xiong, Cadie Strahota