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Congratulations to the following students who will represent DC Everest at the Regional History Day Contest

Individual Documentary

Regional Qualifiers:

  1. Jordan Sankey - Srebrenica Massacre: The Return of Genocide
  2. Marina Schinker - The Fight for African American Civil Rights:  The World War II Era
  3. Isaiah Winowinski - A Conflicting Necessity:  Conflict and Compromise of the Green Revolution
  4. Allie Stratz -Riot Grrrl: The Movement That Changed Modern Feminism
  5. Alex Gross - World War II and Minorities

Group Documentary

Regional Qualifiers:

  1. Yefang Lee & Lily Thao - The Acculturation of the Hmong: Wausau Partner Schools Conflict
  2. Jade Reigel & Glaire Gelhaus - “In the Spirit of Sitting Bull”:  The Negotiation and Combat of the Occupation of Wounded Knee”
  3. Arian Mueller & McKenna Combs - The Warren Court: Fighting for Rights of the Accused
  4. Quentin Schiro & Ethan Hunt - The Great Depression

Individual Website

Regional Qualifiers:

  1. Andi Olson  - Muckrakers:  The Word Savvy Vigilantes of the Progressive Era
  2. Grace Tesch - Brown v Board of Education
  3. Zoe Anderson - Nelson Mandela: Compromise Over Conflict
  4. Alexis Lannoye - GM vs. UAW 2007 Workers Strike
  5. Lillian Martell - Nelson Mandela

Group Website

Regional Qualifiers:

  1. Harmony Hofmann & Maureen Kelley - Striving for Equality : The Heroines that impacted the modern Civil Rights movement
  2. Sabrina Radtke & Justin Osiecki - Berlin Ball
  3. Alex Schultz & Dukab Schroeder  - Georges Meiles
  4. Payton Young & Tavon Rakovec - The Division of Berlin After World War II

Individual Performance

Regional Qualifiers:

  1. Layla Fehlaber - Nixon’s War on Drugs: Minorities and Marijuana

Group Performance

Regional Qualifiers:

  1. McKenzie Miller, Natalie Brown, Allie Japuri, Deorte Kemper, Alayna Nass - Net Neutrality
  2. Sam Davisson & Allison Hecker - The War of Currents:  The Battle for the First Standard of the Electrical Age

Individual Exhibit

Regional Qualifiers:

  1. Lydia Check - The Kimberley Process
  2. Alexis Dement - The Munich Massacre: Compromise is Not an Option
  3. Sierra Mai - The Spearfishing Controversy
  4. Ava Zamzo - Mao Zedong’s New Marriage Law
  5. Cooper Bradfish - Daw Act of 1887: A Conflict that Destroyed Native American Culture

Group Exhibit

Regional Qualifiers:

  1. Brianna Perkins & Shelby Hintz - Pablo Escobar
  2. Morgan Bever & Faith Palmer - Ronald Reagan and the Berlin Wall
  3. Hannah Metz & Hailey Zaal - Theodore Roosevelt and the Completion of the Panama Canal
  4. Megan Burgoyne & Grace Woller - Great Recession of 2008
  5. Mya Mueller & Morgan Spieth - Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X 

Historical Paper 

Regional Qualifiers:

  • Collin Abel - Humanity on the Brink: The Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Jake Nelson - The Boxer Rebellion
  • Olivia Foncree - Grigori Rasputin: The Man Who Destroyed an Empire
  • Rock Christiansen - The Troubles
  • Lizzy Blenker - Reforming Late 19th Century Asylums


  • 3rd Alternate: Shea Johnson - The Aids Crisis in Sub Saharan Africa
  • 2nd Alternate: Jaisyn Peterson - The Battle of Seattle
  • 1st Alternate: Emily Sheets-Fitz - Black Feminism