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2018 D.C. Everest Senior High Honors Top Academic Performers for their Leadership and Excellence

D.C. Everest High School recently held their Academic Letter Banquet on Sepetember 24, 2018, where students were recognized for their academic excellence and leadership. While the ceremony is designed to honor the academic achievements of the students, Principal Mr. Michael Raether took particular care to demonstrate the depth and breadth of the students’ accomplishments beyond the academic sphere.

Thank you goes out to Superintendent Dr. Kristine Gilmore and 3-year letter winner and 2018 graduate Preston Winowiski for speaking to the recipients and family members.  Their inspirational words were well taken by all.

Students may earn an academic letter by maintaining a 3.9 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) as a freshman, a 3.75 CGPA as a sophomore and a 3.5 CGPA as a junior along with having at least one of that year's semester at or above that CGPA. In addition, the students must demonstrate scholarship beyond what is required in the classroom by participating on an academic team, pursuing academic improvement, or participating in an academic project promoted by a department or teacher that was not part of graded requirements or extra credit.

The awards were presented to students by Superintendent Dr. Kristine Gilmore, Printicapl Mr. Raether, Assistant Principal Dr. Todd Bohm, and Assistant Principal Mr. Jeffrey See. The DCE students shown below received the distinguished award:

63 First Year Letter Recipients

Benjamin Adams -- 10th

Jackson Miles -- 12th

Lucas Allen -- 10th

Brianna Miller -- 11th

McKenna Berdal -- 11th

Zoey Minnihan -- 12th

Lindsay Brandenburg -- 10th

Drew Morehouse -- 11th

Colton Brockman -- 12th

Hannah Mullins -- 10th

Natalie Brown -- 12th

Eli Nedden -- 12th

Gabriel Carter -- 11th

Caitlin Nourse -- 12th

Dakota Corallo -- 12th

Kayleigh Oestreicher -- 10th

Quinn Dalton -- 12th

Taylor Olund -- 10th

Samuel Davisson -- 12th

Justin Osiecki -- 11th

Aidan Earll -- 10th

Keval Patel -- 12th

Olivia Fernstaedt -- 12th

Grace Peterson -- 10th

Meghan Gast -- 10th

Shannon Powers -- 10th

Emily Giese -- 12th

Libby Radies -- 12th

Benjamin Halambeck -- 10th

Kaylee Rajek -- 10th

Taylor Harris -- 10th

Dani Rayford -- 10th

Lynmarie Hoppe -- 11th 

Abigail Saari -- 11th

Nolan Hoppe -- 11th

Jordan Sankey -- 11th

Kyle Hunter -- 11th

Marina Schinker -- 11th

Emily Johnson -- 10th

Tyler Schmidt -- 11th

Sydney Johnson -- 12th

Malorie Schmoll -- 12th

Maxwell Koepke -- 10th

Kiran Schroeder -- 11th

Dannielle Langseth -- 10th

Morganne Shorey -- 11th

Schyler Lazar -- 10th

Mackenzie Spieth -- 12th

Mackenzie Lentz -- 12th

Grace Tesch -- 11th

Brigitte Lindell -- 10th

Lily Thao -- 12th

Kaylie Lyga -- 11th

Grace Waller -- 12th

Margaret Maahs -- 12th

Isabelle Waller -- 10th

Jasmine Madden -- 10th

Richard Watz -- 11th

Katherine Magnuson -- 10th

Grace Woodward -- 10th

Makenna Mai -- 11th

Tyler Wubker -- 12th

Sara Mayer -- 10th


36 Second Year Medal Recipients 

Natalie Antonson -- 12th

Tayvia Klinger -- 12th

Morgan Babl -- 11th

Michael Knoll -- 12th

Elizabeth Blenker -- 12th

Sarah Lorge -- 11th

                    -- 12th

Daniel Magnuson -- 12th

Kathryn Boersma -- 11th

Audrey Mattmiller -- 12th

Cooper Bradfish -- 11th

Jameson Morgan -- 11th

Joshua Bydynkowski -- 11th

Jacob Nelson -- 11th

Caitlan Cihlar -- 11th

Grant Oertel -- 11th

Lauren Coleman -- 12th

Adam Peterson -- 12th

Tyler Corazalla -- 12th

Julianna Poole -- 11th

Lindsey Friend -- 11th

Alin Rajesh -- 11th

Jesse Frolik -- 11th

Erica Rupple -- 12th

Savannah Gross -- 11th

Alanna Schneck -- 11th

Samuel Hagedorn -- 12th

Grace Steinagel -- 12th

Allison Heckert -- 12th

Claire Stroik -- 11th

Emily Huffcutt -- 12th

Janessa Thao -- 12th

Nathan Jacobson -- 12th

Roy Thorson -- 11th

Alexandra Jaipuri -- 12th

Trinity Wobler -- 12th

30 Third Year Medal and Certificate Recipients

Emma Bloemers -- 12th

Rebekah Mootz -- 12th

Julia Bradfish -- 12th

Skyler Moye -- 12th

Megan Burgoyne -- 12th

Charisma Obry -- 12th

Kasaundra Fellner -- 12th

Sydnie Oestreich -- 12th

Allie Frenkel -- 12th

Miriam Peters -- 12th

Amanda Fuller -- 12th

Alyssa Peterson -- 12th

Sarah Giordano -- 12th

David Pickar -- 12th

Peyton Green -- 12th

Timothy Plevak -- 12th

Makala Gunderson -- 12th

Rachel Rea -- 12th

Megan Halambeck -- 12th

Lauren Rothamer -- 12th

Gabriella Humblet -- 12th

Michael Stanley -- 12th

Grace Klimek -- 12th

Jordan Tatro -- 12th

Ethan Laska -- 12th

Valerie Thompson -- 12th

Savanni Lenhard -- 12th

Lauren Witucki -- 12th

Andrew Marquardt -- 12th

Pajnra Xiong -- 12th