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More than a Football Game — Celebrating Hope, Possibility and the Future

Last week, as I celebrated the D.C. Everest (DCE) homecoming tradition with students, families, alumni and members of our community. I was struck by the “bigger picture.” As I watched babies in strollers decked out in green and gold at the parade, middle-aged DCE alumni wildly cheering on the Evergreens, students of all ages with faces painted in school colors, elementary students enjoying pajama day, business leaders helping build floats for the Homecoming parade — I realized that all of us, as we celebrate Homecoming, are celebrating the hope and possibility that our DCE youth represent. We are celebrating the potential of the future, while honoring the past. We are celebrating our community, while visiting from afar (or even just down the street).

In fact, that is what Homecoming is all about. The Homecoming tradition was started by colleges and universities in the early 1900s who began urging their alumni to “come home,” attend a football game and perhaps a bonfire or spirit rally in honor of the school — encouraging the older generations of students to mingle with the younger generations. The tradition soon spread to high schools across the nation.

More than a century later, we proudly do the same — and we do so with strong support from DCE families, community members and alumni. Throughout Homecoming week I saw people of all ages celebrating Homecoming in some manner — whether it was participating in a skit, attending the parade, watching last year’s Homecoming King and Queen crown the new honorees, cheering at Stiehm Stadium, wearing DCE spiritwear, helping prepare for the Homecoming Dance, or posting photos on Facebook.

To all of you, I say — thank you. Thank you for being a part of the “bigger picture.” By celebrating Homecoming, we demonstrate to our students that there is a strong support network available to them, we honor their accomplishments and we celebrate their potential.


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