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DC Everest Alumni Named to Dean’s Lists at UW-Madison

We would like to congratulate the following D.C. Everest alumni for being named to the Fall 2018 UW-Madison Dean’s lists as follows:

Emily Baumann — Dean’s Honor List
Halle Breske — Dean’s List
Jacob Eckmann — Dean’s List
McKenna Gilmore — Dean’s List
Kimberly Gums — Dean’s List
Mitchell Hruska — Dean’s List
Herolind Jusufi — High Honor Roll
Liane Kee — Dean’s List
Pachia Lee — Dean’s List
Matthew Lukasik — Dean’s List
Grace Martin — Dean’s List
Megan Matuszewski — Dean’s Honor List
Peyton Molling — Dean’s List
Aaron Mourey — Dean’s List
Stephen Paoli — Dean’s List
Varick Peak — Dean’s Honor List
Nicholas Peters — Dean’s List
Olivia P’ng — Dean’s Honor List
Jayden Richards — Dean’s List
Jessica Richards — Dean’s List
Lauren Rohr — Dean’s Honor List
Dylan Sebo — Dean’s List
Taylor Sekel — Dean’s List
Austin Stolze — Honor Roll
Emily Strehlow — Dean’s List
Emily Vesper — Dean’s Honor List
Mimee Xiong — Dean’s List
Pang Xiong — Dean’s List

List of DCE grads making the UW deans list