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D.C. Everest DECA Earns Gold Certification for Three School-based Enterprises

D. C. Everest DECA members have done something few — if any — other DECA school chapters have done: successfully certified three gold-level student-based enterprises. A total of 483 SBEs earned gold-level certification and re-certification this year, and DCE is home to three of those SBEs. D.C. Everest is the only school district in the state with three gold-level SBEs and one of two districts in the nation to hold that honor currently.

DECA prepares emerging student leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Each year DECA-certified school-based enterprises (SBE) must complete an extensive written project detailing how their business adheres to select model business standards in order to become re-certified or newly certified at the bronze, silver or gold level. DCE DECA successfully recertified The DECA Depot and Everest Expressions student-led businesses at the gold level. Both of these businesses are housed at the D.C. Everest Senior High. The DECA Depot offers a wide range of DCE spirit wear and DCE branded items. Everest Expressions, which has held gold-level for three years, creates custom-designed shirts for its clients.

This year, DECA also earned gold-level certification for the newly launched DECA Depot at the Junior High. Although the student-led enterprise has not even completed its first year in business, students were able to compile an 80-page document demonstrating their business savvy and the success of the enterprise.
DCE DECA Advisor Jodi Peterson noted, “I am so excited for these young business people. They worked countless hours to earn these gold level certifications and secured three of them. I’ve never seen anything like this — a school district with three gold-level student enterprises. Students were able to clearly demonstrate their leadership, marketing skills and entrepreneurial spirit. This is a true example of education in action.”

All gold-level student-based enterprises are eligible to participate in the exclusive SBE Academy and competition, which will be held at the International Career Development Conference. According to Mrs. Peterson, “All three of our SBEs will compete at the State and International level of competitions. We have now become our own competition — all three will compete against one other. It’s a great way to celebrate our success.”


junior high deca store

The DECA Depot at the DCE Junior High has been in business just under one year.


senior high deca store

The DECA Depot at the Senior High has held gold-level status since 2010.

 student screen printing t-shirt

Everest Expressions creates customized t-shirts for its clients.