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D. C. Everest Area School District Awarded Teacher Training and Development Grant from the Department of Workforce Development

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D.C. Everest (DCE) Area School District was recently awarded a Wisconsin Fast Forward (WFF) Teacher Training and Development Grant for $225,588.70 by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD). The grant will be used to train ten teachers in the area of special education.

“Special education teaching positions can be difficult to fill across the state — so we are lucky to have the special education instructors we have,” notes Jennifer Zynda, DCE Director of Special Education. “This grant offers our District the opportunity to capitalize on the amazing talent we already have in our district by providing them opportunities to advance their skillset, while continuing to grow our special education staff by seeking qualified and energetic new candidates. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!"  

"As the Human Resources Director at DC Everest, we are in competition with surrounding districts to secure special education teachers. My hope is that we will not only have enough special education teachers for our district but for the surrounding districts as well," states Kimberly Hall.

In total, DWD presented $3,553,622.15 to 32 school districts to license more than 370 teachers in various academic areas, including special education, career and technical education, general education, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

"An important factor contributing to a student's educational success is the quality of the teaching received," said DWD Secretary Ray Allen. "By empowering our teachers with best practices and fresh strategies on teaching methods, we enhance student learning, all of which will support an accelerated future workforce in Wisconsin."