• The Idea Governance Board meets on the third Monday of every month (times are listed below). You are invited to come and sit in on any of our open meetings. Feel free to email the advisors or our current governance board president (bill.conway@dce.k12.wi.us) if you have an interest in attending a meeting or if you feel you have something to bring to our governance board table. 

    Feburary 18th at 11:45AM

    March 18th at 5:30PM

    April 15th at 11:45AM

    May 20th at 5:30PM

    June 17th at 11:45AM

    July 15th at 5:30PM

    August 19th at 11:45AM

    September 16th at 5:30PM

    October 21st at 11:45AM

    November 18th at 5:30PM

    December 16th at 11:45AM