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Focus on the Whole Person

The skills students need to be successful are often developed beyond the classroom — on the playing field, within the community, at a competition, or on the stage. We are home to more than 50 extracurricular clubs. Our athletic teams and individuals routinely earn top honors across the state — from soccer and rugby, to tennis and curling. We have a robust Performing Arts department whose musicals and dramatic plays have earned several Tommy Awards. And the studentled gaming event — EVERCON — has grown to be one of the largest in the Midwest.

Important Life Skills

We integrate important life skills — fi nancial literacy, health/ wellness/mindfulness — into our curriculum to ensure students are empowered to make life choices that position them for success. And we work tirelessly to address mental health issues with Adverse Childhood Experiences staff training and participation in community initiatives and roundtable discussions. We also are a member of the Marathon County School-based Counseling Consortium Program, offering students on-site access to trained therapists.

Personalized Spaces, Personalize Learning

By providing students the freedom to choose where they learn, we enable them to choose how they learn. We have spaces for students who concentrate best when they’re mobile; secluded spots for those who prefer solitude; comfortable lounge areas for animated collaboration. Our fl exible learning spaces: • Empower students with the opportunity to choose a space where they learn and work best • Provide comfortable group arrangements that foster a sense of community and creativity • Improve student engagement, outcomes and collaboration We also recognize that learning is developmental — a student’s knowledge of subject matter and their ability to master specifi c skills is a product of time, practice and opportunity. Thus, we have adopted a Standards Based Grading model that documents a student’s progression toward mastering a series of standards. Instructors develop personalized learning plans for each student that track where students “are” on the path to learning and help teachers adjust instruction to each child’s learning style. Students drive the pace of their learning