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Welcome to the Technology Department

  • Student achievement is measured statewide, and school districts are held accountable for the success of its students. Technology is recognized as a viable tool in assisting students to reach new levels of understanding and in expanding methods of communicating with others around the world.
    The D.C. Everest District looks for ways to leverage resources that impact teaching and learning. All new initiatives are based on relevant research-based practices.

Technology Mission Statement

  • The goal of the information technology department is to provide resources and services to support the D.C. Everest School District’s goals and objectives and offer educational opportunities fostering the development of lifelong learners. 

    Our vision for technology is to provide opportunities for all students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for productive participation in an evolving, technological society. 

    Technology is recognized as a valuable tool for students to reach greater levels of understanding and expand methods of communicating with others around the world.