Avoid the Summer Slide

slide with math problems overlayed
  • As a parent, why should I look at this?

    Under most circumstances, summer is a time for play, a time for the pool, and a time to get away from school. Everyone needs a break. However, consider what a total break will cost your child. On average, students who do not practice math during the summer lose 2.6 months of knowledge. That means everything your child learned from the middle of March until the end of the year somehow could disappear. The effect of this slide is catastrophic for the students especially if the rest of their peers have not experienced such a slide in knowledge.

    What can I do about the Summer Slide?
    We will be adding new math problems to this page on a weekly basis throughout the summer. These sets are not designed to teach new information, but to apply the knowledge they already have, and keep it to the forefront. We will be offering problems for grades 2-7. However, you can choose to use problems from the grade they just finished or the grade they are going into next school year.

    What do I do with the problems?
    Ideally, it would be great if parents could try the problems also to see what kinds of thinking we want from our students. However, just giving the problem to your child and asking them to explain their thinking or even show their thinking is a great strategy. There will be two problems each week and can be given to students at once or spaced out during the week.

Image of students working on math problems