• Requesting Homework
    If a student is out of school three or more consecutive days (due to illness or unexpected absence), you may make a request for homework through the guidance office.  Students should check Canvas and Infinite Campus for coursework and assignments as well.
    This is a homework request ONLY, parents still need to notify the attendance office regarding a student's absence. 
    Please allow teachers ample time to collect homework and turn it in to the guidance office. 
    To arrange for homework to be gathered, please call or email Kathy Lannigan (715) 241-9700 ext. 2316.  
    Anticipated Absence Homework Request 

    If a student is planning on being absent for five or more consecutive days,(surgeries, family vacations etc) please send a note or call or email Kelly Meverden in the Attendance Office 715-241-9700 ext 1.

    The student will be given an Anticipated Absence form he/she will bring to all of their teachers who will assign homework for the time of the absence. It is the student responsibility to get all the signatures and homework and return the form to the office. Students should check Canvas and infinite for coursework and assignments as well.