• Classroom Lessons 

    8th graders:

    • Welcome Unit: Introduces the counselors, how to see us, why 8th grade is important, etc. -  Early September
    • Protective Behaviors Unit: Discusses sexual harassment, legal consequences, resources for help and proper uses for technology. Every person has the right to remain safe at all times. Students will become aware of the problems of harassment, as well as explore healthy and safe strategies to deal with these difficult issues. - October
    • Suicide Prevention Unit: Discusses the warning signs of suicide and who should talk to if they have concerns about themselves or others.

    9th graders:

    • Credit Talks: Reinforces that this year is the start of their high school transcripts, credits, and the importance fo this year. - Early September


    8th Grade Planning Confereces

    Students, parents, and counselors will meet to look over the students goals for high school and careers. This will be linked with the student's Today's Business class. The Today's Business class will lay the foundation for the conference. The counselor will introduce what is expected for high school graduation and how that will link to the after high school goals.


    SAIG (Student Assistant Intervention Groups 

    • Types of Groups: Friendship, Study Skill/Time Management, Stress/Anxiety Management, Monthly Locker/Binder cleanout, etc.
    • Availability of the group will depend on resources available and students who are interested.