Employment with D.C. Everest School District

  • D.C. Everest is nationally recognized for its innovative curriculum, integration of advanced technologies, expansive extracurricular offerings, and robust community partnerships that expand opportunities for students. To make all of that possible, our Talent & Culture team is dedicated to recruiting, interviewing, and hiring individuals who will make a positive impact on our students and community. Further, we are committed to supporting our employees with comprehensive employee relations, payroll, benefits, and professional development services.

    Learn more about our exceptional D.C. Everest District, the expansive career opportunities available, and our vibrant community by visiting the DCE Job Hub.

  • DCE Jobs Hub
  • Talent and Culture Department Contacts

    Contact Sarah Trimner (ext. 1225), Director of Talent & Culture, for:

    • Employee relations, personnel and organizational issues

    • Master's program approvals and career development

    • Employee culture

    Contact Riana Mefferd (ext. 1244), Benefits Specialist, for:

    • All things related to benefits

    • PD hours and salary schedule movement

    • FMLA and PTO questions

    Contact Kristy Eder (ext. 1226), Talent Coordinator, for:

    • Licensing questions

    • Job postings, interviews, hiring (admin and certified staff)

    • Certified staff contact

    Contact Cindy Hall (ext. 1227), Employment Specialist, for:

    • Job postings, interviews, and onboarding (support staff)

    • Support staff contact

    • Frontline Absence Management/substitute hiring

  • Employment Opportunities - Certified Staff
  • Employment Opportunities - Support Staff
  • Benefits Information
  • Professional Development
  • Our Community
  • Why DCE?

Employee Rights Information

  • The Board does not discriminate on the basis of the Protected Classes of race, color, national origin, age, sex (including transgender status, change of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity), pregnancy, creed or religion, genetic information, handicap or disability, marital status, citizenship status, veteran status, military service (as defined in 111.32, Wis. Stats.), ancestry, arrest record, conviction record, use or non-use of lawful products off the District’s premises during non-working hours, declining to attend an employer-sponsored meeting or to participate in any communication with the employer about religious matters or political matters, or any other characteristic protected by law in its employment practices.