Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pay my fees?
    The Infinite Campus payments tool allows portal users to make online payments to fees incurred by members of a household. Here is more information on how it works:
    • Fee payments allow users to pay fees for each student within a household.
    • A fee shown in red indicates that a payment for the full amount has not been made before the due date assigned by the school.
    • Clicking on the "Payment Due" amount will auto-fill the amount in the payment column. 
    • Review the payment information to ensure accuracy.
    • To exit without making the transaction, click "Cancel". Otherwise, click "Make Payments" to process the fees payment. 
    • When the transaction has been processed, the Payment Receipt screen will display. 
    You can also pay your fees via check or cash at the high school.
    Where are the schools?
    Is Stiehm Stadium at the High School? (link to google maps)
    Stiehm Stadium is not physical located at the Senior High School. It is the High School football field located at the Junior High School.  
    What are the start and end times for the D.C. Everest Senior High School?
    Start: 7:32 AM
    End: 2:40 PM
    How do I order my official high school transcript?  
    Official transcripts must be ordered through Parchment.  Cost is $3.33 per school you send your transcript to.  If you are having issues with your Parchment Account please contact Parchment. 
    Work Permits
    Work permits can be obtained at the D.C. Everest Senior High office. Please call 715.359.6561, ext 4231 or 4251 to ensure there is someone available to issue a work permit. In order for a work permit to be issued you must have ALL of the following:
    1. Letter from employer with the following information: 
    • Name and address of employer 
    • Phone number of employer 
    • Specific type of work that student will be doing 
    • Hours that student will be working `
    • Employer signature
    2. Written permission from parent(s)
    3. One of the following:
    • Driver's license (preferred) 
    • Birth certificate 
    • Baptism certificate
    4. Original Social Security card
    5. $10.00 fee to be reimbursed by the employer
    How Do I Set Up Infinite Campus?