Bus Company Information

  • The D.C. Everest Area School District contracts with Lamers Bus Lines to provide busing for home-to-school and co-curricular transportation. Please contact them directly for assistance at 715-298-6110 or 40groupsb@golamers.com.

    Lamers provides home-to-school transportation based on School Board Policy #8600.  Generally policy provides transportation for these situations:

    • Student resides more than two miles from school
    • Student resides in an area identified in the District's Hazardous Transportation Plan
    • Special needs student with transportation that is arranged by Pupil Services consistent with IEP
    • Student does not qualify under policy for regular home-to-school transportation, but requests and qualifies for Shuttle Transportation.
    The forms below are used for request transportation. Two full work days are required during the year for changes to take place. Please wait for confirmation from Lamers before attempting to use transportation.
     For all riders the morning pickup location may differ from afternoon drop-off location. However, the stops must be consistent each day of the week. Transportation to and from other locations is the family’s responsibility. For students in a dual-custody arrangement, transportation will be provided to either "home" location on different days of the week. 
    Reference: Wisconsin Statute 121.56