Obtaining a Work Permit

    As of June 21, 2017, the State of Wisconsin allows minors who are at least 16 years old, to work without a work permit.  More information can be found of the State of Wisconsin website (opens in a new window).
    The requirements to obtain a work permit for those under 16 will remain the same. 
    Work permits can be obtained at the D.C. Everest Senior High office. Please call 715-359-6561, ext 4231 or 4251 to ensure there is someone available. The student must be present to sign the work permit and must have all of the following:
    1. Letter from employer with the following information: 
    • Name and address of employer 
    • Phone number of employer 
    • Specific type of work that student will be doing 
    • Hours that student will be working
    • Employer signature
    2. Written permission from parent(s)
    3. One of the following:
    • Driver's license (preferred) 
    • Birth certificate 
    • Baptism certificate
    4. Original Social Security card
    5. $10.00 fee to be reimbursed by the employer
    The Labor Standards Bureau sets work permit charges and as of 7/1/2009, the charge was set at $10.00. If you have questions regarding this information, please contact them at: 608-266-3345