• Regular and prompt attendance is necessary for student progress and becomes part of the student’s permanent record. Poor attendance is a major cause for failure and dropping out of school. Both students and parents/guardians share the responsibility for good attendance.

    Detailed information regarding Attendance Expectations and Policies are outlined in the Attendance Handbook.

    If you would like to check your student's attendance by going to Infinite Campus. This resource will always have the most up-to-date information.


    Students are expected to be in daily attendance at school unless they need to be absent for one of the following reasons:
    Personal illness, medical, and dental appointments

    • Funerals
    • Required legal appearances
    • Designated religious holidays
    • Family emergencies
    • Driver's examinations
    • Approved school district-sponsored activities
    • Prior approved absences that have been deemed educationally beneficial for the student by the school principal or designee.

    The school board may excuse a student who is temporarily not in proper physical or mental condition to attend school. An excuse under this condition shall be in writing and shall state the duration of time, not to exceed 30 days. Students with excused absences are entitled to make up work and are responsible for doing so.

    Need to Call Your Student in Absent or Tardy?

    A parent or guardian should call the Attendance Office (even if the student is 18) at 715-359-6561 ext. 4247 or email the Attendance Office with the following information:

    • Name of student
    • Student I.D.
    • Reason for absence
    • Date and estimated length of absence

    Our priority is to get students to class as soon as they walk into our Office. If you call and get voicemail, it means we are with a student(s) and/or on another call, so please feel free to leave a message. 

    Does Your Student Need to Leave School Early?

    A parent or guardian should call our Receptionist at 715-359-6561 with the following information:

    • Name of student
    • Student I.D.
    • Reason for absence
    • Date and estimated length of absence

Attendance Automated Caller

  • The Attendance Caller will now only call, email, and/or text parents/guardians one time per day. In an effort to give students and teachers a chance to clear up any attendance errors first, the caller will only call when a student has reached four unexcused absences. Parents/guardians can always check student attendance on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

    Attendance alerts can come in the form of calls, texts, or emails to one or more parents/guardians. Parents/guardians can personalize how they wish to receive attendance alerts by logging into Infinite Campus-Parent Portal.

    Students are encouraged to clear up attendance mistakes with their teacher(s).