Exploring Your Options

  • The D.C. Everest Student Services staff is available to students and their families when planning for the future after high school.  Planning for your future can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming.  There are many decisions to make, deadlines to meet and tasks to perform.   Here are some helpful internet locations that may be useful for you.  Your counselor is knowledgeable and eager to help you as your explore the possibilities.
    How do students share their "My Plan" portfolio?

    Any information students save to their My Plan portfolio can be shared with parents or family members through the Parent Portal. Students can also share their plans by sending an invite link. Both sharing options can be activated or deactivated in the Career Advisor Management System (CAMS). To edit these settings, please see Parent and Guest Access settings.

    To send a Parent Portal link to a parent or family member, students will need to send them a registration code and invitation to join. This task must be completed one email address at a time; however, multiple invitations to parents or family members can be sent. 

    To send the Parent Portal invite from a student account:

    • Log into Career Cruising.
    • From the main page, go to "My Plan".
    • From the top menu, go to "Share My Plan".
    • On the Share My Plan page, go to the "Invite Parent/Guardian" link.
    • Enter the "Parent/Guardian Email Address" and click "Send". Students will receive a notification with the message Your invitation has been sent.
    • The parent will receive an invitation email with an Activation Code, which they can then use to create their account on the Career Cruising Parent Portal. The parent/guardian information will be available for Advisors to view and send messages to within CAMS. Students can check messages from their parents/guardians from the Share My Plan page by going to View Parent/Guardian Comments.