Counseling Resources

Student and Counselor
  • The Importance of Counseling

    Students in good mental health:

    • Have a positive attitude and look forward to the challenges of life
    • Feel good about themselves and others
    • Act responsibly in their relationships at home, at school, and at work

    Students may experience personal/social problems that may affect their mental health during the high school years. Increasingly, problems such as substance abuse, pregnancy, eating disorders, depression, and even suicide are very real threats to teenagers.

    Parents can provide an open environment by keeping lines of communication free, observing moods and behavior, and knowing when to seek outside guidance.

  • Marathon County School-Based Counseling Program

    What is School-Based Counseling?

    It is the same as seeing a private community counselor except the appointments are at the school. The Community Counselor comes to the school where the student is.

    Who is this for?

    Any D.C. Everest High School student who wishes to participate in confidential counseling related to, but not limited to; adolescent life, post-traumatic stress, family systems, emotional regulation, anxiety, social engagement, substance abuse, behavioral disorders, depression, grief and loss, or mood disorders. Counseling is provided by a licensed treatment professional, mental health practitioner, qualified treatment trainee, or a recognized psychotherapy practitioner.

    What is the cost?

    Billing is handled directly through the outside counseling agency. Agencies will work with families for whom insurance or fees are a barrier.

    What are the program benefits?

    • Easier access to outpatient mental health services and/or alcohol and other drug abuse counseling services
    • Increased student time in the CLASSROOM (student does not have to leave the school building for counseling appointments)
    • Parents do not have to miss work to transport non-driving students to appointments.
    • Protections that come from utilizing licensed treatment professional and qualified treatment trainees.

    Contact your D.C. Everest High School Counselor for more information.