D.C. Everest Excellence Awards Nomination Information

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  • Purpose
    To acknowledge and recognize individuals (employees, students, and community members) who make exceptional contributions to supporting the mission of the D.C. Everest School District.

    Nomination Criteria
    The D.C. Everest Area School District seeks nominations for this award from all constituencies of the District. The nominees shall be recognized for going "above and beyond" in making a difference in the lives of the D.C. Everest community. Nominations of immediate family members will not be accepted. To be eligible for the award, please give specific examples in your nomination of how the nominee meets the criteria in one of the following groups:

    • Employees must perform in an exceptional or outstanding capacity "above and beyond" the expectations of the job title to impact lives in a selfless manner. He/She must exemplify excellent behavior and inspire others to achieve a higher standard.
    • Community members (business partners/family members) must make a significant contribution to further the mission of the District and display continued loyalty and collaboration.
    • Students may be recognized for exemplary leadership or for inspirational actions that demonstrate commitment to their school and community.

    This nomination will be forwarded to the D.C. Everest Recognition Committee. This committee will meet on or about March 1 to select award recipients. Award recipients will be invited to attend the D.C. Everest Recognition Dinner to receive the award. The recipient and guest (if student, parents) receive a paid meal at the event, which is held in April. A press release and social media will be used to showcase the recipients.

Award Recipients

  • Nancy Aschbrenner - community member

  • Joanna Bailey - DCE staff

  • Kristina Barbier - community member

  • Marge Baumann - community member

  • Melissa Baumann - DCE staff

  • Chad Billeb - community member

  • Dawn Bohm - DCE staff

  • Deborah Chapman - DCE staff

  • James Dahlgren - DCE staff

  • Rodney Dombrowski - community member

  • Brian and Wendy Fust - community members

  • Duane Grove - community member

  • Mary Jane Horvat - community member

  • Erin Jacobson - DCE staff

  • Dave Junion - community member

  • Sara Kronebusch - community member

  • Donald Kurth - community member

  • Mary Jo Lechner - DCE staff

  • Chad Lemmens - community member

  • Teena Medick - community member

  • Berland Meyer - community member

  • Corinthia Soukup - DCE staff

  • Rick Swanson - DCE staff

  • Sue Thompson and Sarah Luedtke - community members

  • Heather Turner - DCE staff

  • Brooke Wendorf - DCE staff