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  • Looking for a DCE Musical Theatre experience this summer?


    Check out our options for students in grades 4-12!


    Grades 4-8: Musicals and Me

    Have you ever wanted to be a part of a musical production?  Well, here is your chance! In Musicals and Me, students in grades 4-8 will study the various aspects of acting, singing, and dancing.  Students will go through auditions, be assigned roles, and work together to produce an entire musical in just two weeks. Every student in the course will have a role!  Our final assignment: performing our musical, onstage, for friends and family. Join DC Everest musical directors Mr. Atkinson and Mrs. Vesper for this valuable learning experience.

    This course is being offered through "Time to Shine," the DC Everest Summer Learning Experience.  Dates are June 17-28, and this class takes the place of both morning sessions.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though the registration deadline has technically closed, if you're still interested in enrolling in this course, please call 715-359-4221 x1800 to see if you can be fit in.


    Grades 9-12: Creative Stage Performance

    Who:  Students in grades 9-12 (students in grades 6-8 will be considered if they are participating in a school sponsored program that interferes with summer school (ex.  Team sports weightlifting)

    What:  Summer Musical Theatre Experience

    Theatre for the Young.  Show-to be determined.  Theatre for the young is musical written to entertain young audiences.   The musical is more challenging than doing a Jr. Level show.  The musicals are short, to keep the attention of the young audience..usually 45-60 minutes.  Everyone who signs up for the class is automatically in the ensemble.  We will hold auditions for the lead roles.

    Where:  Rehearsals will take place at the senior high school.  Depending upon construction, there may be an occasional rehearsal at the middle school.

    Dates: Auditions will take place mid-May.  We will start rehearsing music after school a few times a week.  The majority of the choreo and blocking will be learned June 10-25 (afternoons from 12:30-3:30 ).  This course features two/three public performances: Wednesday evening, June 26th, Thursday afternoon, June 27th, and the potential for a third morning performance on Friday, June 28th.

    Location: Senior High Choir Room and Auditorium


    Registration for the Summer Learning Program will be online only through the Infinite Campus Portal with students using their DCE network login and password.  Students should go to the school office if they cannot log into their portal account.  The Infinite Campus portal must be used.  Students cannot register using the mobile app.

    Once logged into the student's portal account,


    • "Course Registration: 18-19 Summer - Senior High" in the upper left.
    • "Course Search"
    • "Go" 
    • Select the course
    • "Request this Course"

    When finished, "Print Request Summary"

    Other Notes:  

    Cost:  Tuition is free for D.C. Everest District residents. 

    Registration:  April 15 - May 23 (Please read the information packet for courses that may have a different registration period.)

    Course Selections:  Students can sign-up for more than one course but should verify that there are no conflicts with dates and times of the courses requested and that the course is available for the grade level that they are currently in this school year (not next year).  

    FREE Breakfast and Lunch:  The Summer Learning Program will be offering breakfast and lunch in the high school commons.  It will be Monday through Friday, June 10 to August 29, except for the week of July 1-5.  Breakfast will be from 7:30-9:30 and lunch will be from 10:30-12:30.  The breakfast and lunch meals are completely FREE to ALL kids, ages 18 and under.  This includes all children ages 18 and under -- not just students enrolled in the Summer Learning Program.