Why Choose D.C. Everest?

  • At D.C. Everest, we prepare our students for 21stcentury career opportunities by helping them develop the academic, career and life skills they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving job market. To develop those skills, we help students discover what their talents are, locate where their interests lie, determine what career paths suit their goals, provide them with hands-on educational and extracurricular opportunities, and help them become adept at applying what they’ve learned to real-world challenges.

D.C. Everest — A Great Place to Learn — Enjoy Our Videos

  • A Great Place to Learn - Elementary Schools
  • A Great Place to Learn - Middle School
  • A Great Place to Learn - Junior High School
  • A Great Place to Learn - Senior High School
  • A Great Place to Learn - Redefining Ready

D.C. Everest District Brochure

  • We encourage you to learn more about our personalized learning/instruction model, integrated K-12 STEAM* curriculum, community partnerships and extracurricular and community service opportunities by viewing the publication on this page.

    *Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, Math

What Sets Us Apart

    • The only district in the region to offer an Advanced Learner/Challenge Magnet Program for intellectually gifted elementary school students
    • 23 (and counting) Advanced Placement (AP) courses
    • 29 (and counting) Dual Enrollment (DE) courses
    • An Advanced Placement course for freshmen (and we’re only one of a handful of schools in the state to offer it)
    • Honors (laude), grade advancement, independent study and advanced coursework options at university and technical colleges
    • 16 Career Clusters integrated across an inclusive STEAM culture
    • 2016 Wisconsin Elementary Teacher of the Year — Pam Gresser
    • 2012 Wisconsin Superintendent of the Year — Dr. Kristine Gilmore
    • 25,000. The average number of hours our teachers devote annually to professional development.
    • 96% of 2016 graduates enrolled in Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment courses
    • One of fourteen districts chosen to participate in Washington, D.C. educational thought leader roundtable discussion in 2016
    • 2018 WASDA Outstanding Educator of the Year — Dr. Kristine Gilmore
    • Participation in invite-only AASA Digital Consortium in Silicon Valley
    • 85% of students are college bound — 64% to four-year university and 21% to two-year/technical college

Celebrating #EverestPride — 2021-2022 Accomplishments


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