Important Information About the 2018 iPad Updates

iPad Transition FAQs

Back Up Your Data - Help Video

  • Video Script

    Soon you’ll be upgrading from your current iPad Air to a new, 5th generation iPad. This video will help you transfer as many of your documents, photos, and app data form your old iPad to your new one. Please be aware that not all apps will backup. Progress in some apps may be lost.

    Students grades K-5 will have their data back ups done by our IT staff. Backed up data will be available in the Google Drive and Google Photos apps within 5 school days of receiving a new iPad. Game data and levels will not transfer.

    Students grades 6-12 will be responsible for following the instructions in this video to backup their data and photos to Google Drive and Google Photos as well as retrieving their data from those services.

    We will not be using iCloud to backup your iPad because of technical issues with how our apps are purchased and assigned to your devices. We will also be switching to Managed Apple IDs.

    First, update to the latest version of iOS by going to “Settings”, “General”, and “Software Update.” You’ll tap “Download and Install.” Your ipad will need to have at least 50% battery or be plugged in to complete the update. This update may take up to 45min. If the update won’t download, check how much space is left on your iPad in the Settings app under “General” and “iPad Storage.” This list will show you which apps use the most space and when you last used them. You can free up space by deleting unneeded videos or unused apps.

    Now that your iPad is on the latest version of iOS, open the Google Photos app and sign in with your school Google account. If you’ve deleted the Google Photos and Google Drive apps, please go to the Self-Service App Store and download them again.  Allow Google access to your photos. Do not allow it to send you notifications and leave notifications off. Make sure the “Back up & Sync” button is checked blue and choose “HIgh Quality (free unlimited storage).” “High Quality” is slightly lower quality than “Original,” but it is free and does not count against your Google Drive storage limits. Now tap “Sign in to back up,” “Continue,” and enter your Google information. After you’ve finished signing into Google Drive, all of your photos and videos should automatically start backing up. This may take a while if you have a lot of photos and videos.

    After you’ve finished with Google Photos, open the Google Drive app and tap “sign in” in the lower left corner. Sign in using your school account and then close out of the Google Drive app by hitting the Home button. Next, go to the Files app. It looks like a blue file folder. Turn your iPad landscape format like mine is so the screen is wider than it is tall. On the left hand side you’ll see a column that says “Locations” with iCloud Drive, Drive, On My iPad, and Recently Deleted. Tap on the “On My iPad Tab,” here you’ll see all the files that are saved in folders on your iPad. Press and hold on one of the folders, you’ll see a pop-up menu, tap “copy”, then tap on your Google Drive press and hold anywhere on that screen and tap paste. This will add the file to your Google Drive. Go back to the “On My iPad Tab” and repeat this step until all of your files have been copied over to your Google Drive. After receiving your new iPad, you can retrieve your files and put them back on your ipad if you like by going into Google Drive and copying them back to the “On My iPad Tab”

    If you use apps such as Notability, Explain Everything, Book Creator, NotateMe Now, Stop Motion Studio, or Evernote that save data directly on your iPad you must manually back up the data in those apps. Here’s how you do it. For Notability, tap the share sheets button, it’s the square with the arrow pointing out of it in the upper left corner. Select the note that you want to backup to Google Drive and tap the share button again. You can choose which service you would like to back it up to. I’m going to back up to Google Drive. You can choose the folder and the format that you’d like and then send to Drive. You’ll need to sign into your Google account to connect Notability to your Google Drive. Notability also gives you the option to make regular, scheduled backups to Google Drive. To do this, tap the gear in the lower left corner. Tap “Auto-backup” and tap Google Drive. If you’re not already signed in, you’ll need to do so now.

    If you are currently working on an iMovie or GarageBand project that you need to continue editing, please let us know at the time of turning in your iPad and our IT staff will help you AirDrop your project files from your old ipad to your new one for later editing. Please only request this if you have an active project such as History Day or a class assignment.

    Please start backing up your files as soon as possible and continue to do regular back ups once you get your new iPad so your files are available if you break or lose an ipad and need a replacement device.

    Last, you’ll fill out the iPad Turn-in card and place it inside your old ipad case when you turn in your ipad. Our IT staff will have your new ipad set up for you on your scheduled trade in day. When you receive your new iPad you will need to set up a new passcode, redownload some of your apps as well as sign into eTextbooks, Google Photos and Google Drive to access your backed up files, photos, and videos.