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  • It's that time of year again!  4th and 5th Grades get ready for your Spring Concert, Thursday, March 15, 2018 the videos are coming soon!

    What are the expectations for your child if he/she has a lead part for the concert?

    If your son/daughter is chosen for a special part in the Holiday Concert, the expectation is that the student will be a positive role model for his/her classmates by portraying Respectfulness, Responsibility, and Productive behavior, not only in the Music classroom, but throughout the other areas of academic learning, including social situations such as recess and the lunch room.  

    What should my child wear to the concert?  
    The Holiday concert and Spring Concert follows the same dress guidelines as the district.  I ask that girls do not wear super high heel shoes, as getting on and off the risers can be tricky.  Also, girls please do not wear makeup, and be respectful about perfumes as some kids have asthma and can be allergic to certain scents, while in such close proximity of each other.   The basic expectation for boys and girls is to dress up in their best clothes.  If that happens to be a nice pair of jeans, no problem.  I ask that shirts do not have any writing or large pictures on the front.  Any pattern, such as stripes is totally fine, please no words or pictures.  Also, no clothing/shoes that light up, and no hats due to the fact that both are a distraction from the group performance, and hats make it difficult for other students to see.   Thank You!

    When should my child arrive at school and how do I get them after the concert?
    Your son/daughter should arrive 15 minutes prior to concert time, and go to their classrooms.  Some students will be asked to hand out programs, and they will need to arrive earlier.  After the concert, please pick up your child in their regular classroom, as they all leave the stage at the same time.     

    Explanations of PBIS behavior guidelines are listed below.  

    Music Expectations in the Music Classroom
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    Weston PBIS (this site has accessibility errors)

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