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School Board Goals

District Goals

Great Place to Learn


Develop young readers, thinkers and problem solvers. Ensure that each elementary student meets or exceeds expected literacy and math growth.

Portrait of a Grad

Develop pathways that connect D.C. Everest students with the world. Provide opportunities for every D.C. Everest student to graduate with meaningful academic, service and community-based experiences.

Great Place to Work


Create and implement flexible compensation that values the unique circumstance of each employee.

Professional Development

Enhance and integrate a goal-aligned professional learning system that is choice-driven for every employee.

Great Community

Fiscal Responsibility

Incrementally shift resources to support inclusive, innovative learning opportunities while establishing a stable tax levy rate.

Diversity and Inclusion

Attract and retain a diverse group of individuals to better reflect our community and student body, and foster an inclusive environment for all learners and employees.

Community Learning Center

Create a vision and execution plan for an Early Evergreens Academy in collaboration with the community.

Equity, Innovation and Mental Wellbeing - Each of the D.C. Everest Area School District's goals is designed to promote equity, innovation and mental wellbeing. Our aim is to foster a culture that provides each individual with the tools and opportunities needed to succeed now and into the future, and which prioritizes the social, emotional, and mental wellbeing of our
students and staff.

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