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Professional Development


As educators, we strive to be lifelong learners and prioritize professional development for all staff. Learning is a critical component of professionalism and  ongoing development is a necessary component of staying current in our craft so we can serve all students effectively. At D.C. Everest we have developed a salary structure that mirrors this.

Our career development priorities support:

  • Evidence-based approaches that aim to positively impact the learners we serve
  • Goal-aligned experiences, offered in a variety of formats
  • An intentional increase in flexible learning models
  • Maximized choice targeting individual need

While some professional development experiences are part of baseline expectations, others are acknowledged as contributing towards advancement on the salary schedule.

Support Staff

DCE is continuously evaluating its professional development for support staff and adding new opportunities. Support staff are an integral part of students’ learning and we want them to learn and grow the skills needed to do their jobs effectively.