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D.C. Everest is committed to a culture of excellence by educating all students to be community, career and college ready to succeed in our diverse world.

Standards Based Grading

In order to best prepare students for post-secondary education and a career, the D.C. Everest Area School District is using a standards-based assessment and grading system to more accurately monitor, measure and communicate a student’s learning, growth and academic achievement. This grading system will also positively affect the classroom — allowing teachers to provide clearer and more meaningful feedback for each student based on their specific needs and goals.

Advanced Learner Program

The Only Advanced Learner/Challenge Magnet Program for Elementary Students in the Region

Riverside Elementary houses the District’s Challenge Magnet Program which services selected students in grades 2-5. This program is designed with an accelerated and differentiated curriculum. Instruction time will emphasize higher level cognitive skills, problem solving, logic, and creativity. Students qualifying for placement in the program need to acquire academic knowledge quickly, apply knowledge in creative and productive ways, and demonstrate a strong desire to learn.

For more information concerning the program, contact Riverside Elementary Principal Kevin Kampmann or 715.359.2417.

ACT 20

The D.C. Everest School District Curriculum/Literacy Department began the work of Act 20 prior to it passing into law.  In 2019, we began by training all K-3 teachers, specialists, and principals in LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Writing and Spelling).  To-date, we require teachers to complete this professional development. As of 2023, we have removed all 3-cueing instructional models and curricular resources from our schools. Our team has vetted and replaced those materials with science-based early literacy instructional materials.  

Wisconsin Act 20 Curriculum Crosswalk Toolkit