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DCE Evergreen Volunteers

DCE Evergreens Volunteers

At D.C. Everest, our goal is to ensure all students attain the academic, career and life skills they need to face the challenges — and embrace the opportunities — of the 21st Century. Volunteer partnerships with family and community members, businesses and organizations play a critical role in helping us accomplish that goal — by helping us build ties between our schools, students, families, alumni and the community at large. 

As a volunteer at D.C. Everest, you can make an impact on the lives of our students and enrich their educational experience. We hope your experience as a volunteer is equally rewarding and therefore, we do our best to help you find volunteer opportunities that suit your interests, talents and schedule.  

To help volunteers find opportunities within our district, and to ensure we provide a safe and positive experience for students, we use Volunteer Tracker to manage our volunteer program and conduct volunteer screenings.  

Please note, visitors (a person visiting school in support of a child’s/school’s activities such as picking the child up at school, family lunch days, family night, Donuts with Dad/Muffins with Mom, conferences, choir/band concerts, sporting events, academic special events, PTO events, etc.) do not need to register with Volunteer Tracker. If a visit takes place during instructional time, visitors simply sign in and sign out at the school’s front office on the day of their visit. Sign ins are not generally required for visits after the school day has ended. 

Getting Started as a Volunteer 

We have countless volunteer opportunities available across our district and encourage you to contact the school of your choice to determine what unique options are currently available at the school. Our Volunteer Tracker program also will provide you with numerous volunteer options to choose from.  

  1. Visit Volunteer Tracker to complete an application.  
  2. Review the DCE Volunteer Handbook and then go to “Volunteer Tracker Application”. 
  3. Go to the green, “New to the App-Garden? Click Here to Register” link. Enter your email address, create a password and register. An activation email will be sent to your email address to validate your account. 
  4. Once your application is finished, a background screening will be completed for Level 2 and Level 3 volunteer applicants. Level 2 and 3 volunteer positions are those in which the volunteer may have unsupervised contact with students.  
  5. Applicants will receive an email once they are approved.  
  6. Volunteer Tracker will send email reminders to volunteers in advance of their scheduled volunteer duties. 
  7. Volunteers need only register with Volunteer Tracker one time during the school year and their application is applicable to all sites across the district self selected within the application.  



Sara Pinnsenault, Community Outreach Coordinator

Volunteer Opportunities 

All volunteers must complete a volunteer application via Volunteer Tracker.  

Level 1 volunteers do not require a background screening. Level 2 and 3 volunteers will have to complete an application and a background check will be conducted. 

Volunteer Levels Overview

Why is the district using Volunteer Tracker?