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Secondary Course Registration

Choosing Secondary Courses to Ensure Career, Life and Academic Readiness

2023-2024 School Year Course Registration Information

D.C. Everest offers a broad curriculum designed around 16 Career Clusters that provides students with the opportunity to explore their interests while earning four- and two-year college credits, attaining industry credentials, gaining hands-on classroom experience, and completing work-based learning opportunities prior to graduation.

Our curriculum is designed to help students prepare for a 21st-century career, balance professional and personal responsibilities, and be prepared — at any point in their post-secondary life — to be a successful learner on the job or while attending a two- or four-year college or university.

Below are a number of resources we have created for students to assist them in choosing courses that help them meet their personal goals and explore new interests. We look forward to partnering with you in making the best choices for your future success. Please reach out to your adviser or school counselor with any questions.

Course Selection Information 

Graduation Planning Worksheet

Learning Options for Secondary Students

D.C. Everest has a variety of learning options at the secondary level. Please visit the websites listed below for more information.