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Kindergarten Enrollment

Kindergarten enrollment is held during the first full first week in February. Children enrolling for Kindergarten must be 5 years old on or before September 1 of the year for which they are enrolling. 

Please note:

  • If your child lives within the DCE district and attended one of the D.C. Everest 4K programs, you do not need to enroll for Kindergarten. Instead, you will receive an email from the DCE elementary school your child will be assigned to. Simply complete the form that accompanies this letter and return it to the elementary school to complete the process.
  • If your child does not live within the DCE district and attended one of the D.C. Everest 4K programs and you would like your child to attend DCE for Kindergarten, a district representative will speak with you concerning your child’s placement in a DCE elementary school and assist you in completing the process. 

If your Kindergartener is new to the district and lives within the boundaries of the district, please follow the steps below. If your family lives outside the DCE district, please visit our Open Enrollment page. 

We encourage families to enroll their student(s) online. If you prefer to enroll using paper forms, please visit our Enrollment Forms page. If you prefer to enroll your student in person, you may pick up enrollment forms at the front office of individual schools between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Please bring your child’s birth certificate and immunization records with you to enroll. 

School Boundaries

Not sure where you fit on the district map? 

Check the online approximate school boundaries map.

4K boundaries map.

If you are still unsure which elementary school your child should attend, please call the school district office at 715.359.4221.

If you are unable to enroll your student(s) online, please use the downloadable Enrollment Forms.

Before beginning the enrollment process:

  1. Check the DCE boundary map to determine which elementary school your child will attend.
  2. Have the following information ready:
    1. Household address and phone numbers
    2. Parent/guardian work and cell phone numbers, email addresses
    3. Student health/medication information
    4. Emergency contact addresses and phone numbers
  3. Gather your child’s immunization records. If you do not have up-to-date immunization records available, you can visit the online Wisconsin Immunization Registry and download your child’s records by providing the child’s name and Social Security number.
  4. Gather a copy of your child’s birth certificate. If a birth certificate is not available, you can complete Form 5111 F1 and submit the documentary evidence listed. 
  5. If custody has been established by the courts, a copy of the court order or placement papers must be submitted.
  6. If you are enrolling more than one student, you will be able to enroll all students in one session (regardless of what grade they are entering). You do not need to complete individual online enrollment sessions for each child.