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Canvas Help

What is Canvas?

The Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) is used by our K-12 teachers as an extension to in-class instruction. Teachers using Canvas can post assignments, give feedback, and communicate with students.

Canvas Information

Canvas FAQs

If you need technology support please call the help desk at 715.355.0306.

Two Parent Portals 

Differences between Infinite Campus and Canvas

There are two main areas, as a parent, you will access information.  The most basic way to describe their use is to describe who is responsible for updating them. Canvas is updated by each teacher so you will get classroom specific information from it. Infinite Campus is updated by non-teaching staff (other than posting grades) so the information in it is not about specific classrooms.

Infinite Campus  Canvas
Student Demographics Classroom Grades
Attendance Records Assignments
Paying Fees Homework Calendar
Child’s Schedule Helpful Classroom Links
Report Card Grades Specific Teacher Communication
School-wide communication  

If you do not have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account or have forgotten your login information please send an email with the details to get help, or call 715.359.4221.  While you are in the Parent Portal, please make sure you check your Household Information and Family Members to verify all the information is correct.  The District ID for the mobile app is PRXNJY.