Our Purpose

  • The D.C. Everest Area Education Foundation meets on a monthly basis to review grant applications and determine which requests meet the following objectives, rules and goals.


    • To encourage creative and innovative educational programs.
    • To recognize achievement in our schools and community.
    • To provide enhanced learning opportunities.
    • To encourage local business, civic, and private sector involvement within the schools of our community.
    • To promote the use of the most recent technologies.
    • To encourage new approaches in education.
    Use of Funds

    To assist education programs not funded in district budgets.

    • Program innovations
    • Educational leadership
    • Corporate, Civil and Community Issues
    • Technology and Learning
    • Scholarship
    • Professional Recognition 


    To encourage through financial assistance the creation and development of unique and innovative educational programs.

    • The D.C. Everest Area Education Foundation was established to strengthen community participation in public and private schools in the Everest District.
    • The Foundation provides financial support for innovative educational programs or creative projects that inspire both teachers and students to achieve excellence.
    • The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees who operate independently of any board of education. The board is committed to maintaining and improving educational excellence and is responsible for selecting award and grant recipients.
    • Your contribution will enrich the educational opportunities for all children in the D.C. Everest area.
    • Financial contributions are fully deductible for income tax purposes.
DCE Education Foundation Logo
  • Mission Statement

    The D.C. Everest Education Foundation, Inc. seeks to promote excellence in education through the use of private revenues.