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  • Life Skills/Guidance Class

    I work with students in many different ways throughout the school year. My primary goal is to be available for all students for any social, emotional, or academic needs. I also teach Life Skills /Guidance lessons in the IMC that focus on friendship skills, personal safety, boundaries, conflict resolution, self-regulation, understanding and coping with feelings, as well as learning styles and how to be successful in school.

  • Small Group Counseling

    I meet with students in small groups to focus on and discuss various skills they may be lacking or need more practice with, or if experiencing a similar stressor as other peers. These small groups often include topics such as social skills, friendship, self-regulation skills, changing families and organizational skills. All groups are formed based on the needs of the students, generally meet once per week for six to eight weeks, and are often times referred by a teacher or parent.

  • Individual Counseling

    Individual counseling is another service that is offered to students. It is student centered and solution focused, meaning I work with them to process through specific stressors, and explore appropriate solutions to increase success. These stressors range from anxiety, grief/death of a loved one or pet, self-esteem, self-regulation, friendship concerns, or other individual issues a child may need help working through. The intent of Individual counseling is to be short-term, typically six to eight sessions or per individual need, and to assist students non-therapeutically. Any student may request to meet with me, or may also be referred by a teacher, principal or parent.

  • **Individual counseling in not intended to replace mental health counseling which is a therapeutic based counseling approach and is done by a licensed mental health counselor from an outside community agency.  Mountain Bay does offer school based mental health counseling through the Centre For Wellbeing. Please contact me or the front office if you would like more information about this service.