Life Skills/Guidance Class

  • I work with students in many different ways throughout the school year. My primary role is to be available for all students for any social, emotional, or academic needs. I also teach the children Life Skills / Guidance lessons, at the teachers request, that focus on friendship skills, personal safety, boundaries, conflict resolution, self-regulation, understanding and coping with feelings/strong emotions, as well as learning styles and how to be successful in school.

Small Group Counseling

  • I meet with students in Small Groups to focus on and discuss various skills they may need more practice with, or if experiencing a similar distress as other peers. These small groups often include topics such as social skills, friendship, anger management/self-regulation skills, changing families /divorce groups, and organizational skills. All groups are formed based on the needs of the students, generally meet 1 x per week for 6-8 weeks, and are often times referred by a teacher or parent.

Individual Counseling

    • Individual counseling is another way that I support our students. It is student centered and solution focused, meaning I work with them to process through specific stressors, and explore appropriate solutions to increase success.  These stressors range from anxiety, grief/death of a loved one or pet, self-esteem, self-regulation, friendship concerns, or other individual issues a child may need help sorting out.
    • Individual counseling is meant to be short-term, typically 6-8 sessions or per individual need, to assist students non-therapeutically, not to be replaced by an outside community -based therapist/counselor.
    • Any student can request to meet with me, or also be referred by a teacher, administrator, or parent.