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One-to-One Learning at DCE

  • Today’s students need a learning environment where they are able to think critically, connect and collaborate with others, and create relevant, high quality content. They have grown up in a digital world and many are already fluent users of mobile devices. As digital natives, they prefer to access information quickly from multiple sources through interactive, exploratory, and inquiry-based learning. Our commitment to the One-to-One Learning Program at D.C. Everest School District will focus on meeting the needs of all our students in a personalized, engaging, and mobile learning environment.

    The D.C. Everest Area School District launched the One-to-One Learning Program during the 2014-15 school year by providing iPads and professional learning for teachers and administrators to prepare them for a transformation of instructional practices to reflect a more student-centered, digital learning environment. The District also has a wireless infrastructure that supports this expanded learning environment. As of August 2015, all K-12 students have iPads to use throughout the school year to enhance their educational experience. Skills acquired through a change in instructional practices and engaged learning will allow students to expand their critical thinking and better prepare them for college and career readiness.

Middle School students learning with iPads
Students working with iPads
Students learning with iPads in High School