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  • This is the page where Gaming club members can stay up to date on the latest information. Any emergancy information will be made in a special post pinned to the top of the blog for the time it is necessary. Members may comment on the blog provided it is following school and club guidelines. Posts will be made on a semi-consistant schedual, their will be a post everytime a calender for the next month of events is uploaded and added to the callender page. Their will also be a post for information you may have missed from a club event on certian special events like the holloween and holiday party, as well as information for evercon. 

  • Blog Post

    Posted by Haley Clark on 3/20/2019

    On February 26th, we held the Charity Auction Donation Event and all went well; However, higher outside attendance is always appreciated. Wednesday, March 13th, there is an ELT event at the J.R. High, for all club members. Additionally, On March 15th the gaming club will be in the band room from 5:30 to 9:00 pm during the J.R. High Dance, all are welcome to attend. Moreover, Ego Con will be held on March 30th; it is a small con great for people unfamiliar with Cons, excluding Evercon of course. Finally, Attendance for club meets is highly recommended; we could always use more members, and more attendance is highly appreciated. Carp lunch and Friday Morning Gaming will proceed as usual. And as always make sure all rooms and games used during any event are properly cleaned and cared for.

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  • New information

    Posted by Ethan Laska on 3/7/2019 10:30:00 PM

    Attention all Gaming Club members as of 7am today all club events are cancled untill next Wednesday March 13th, 2019. More information about why will be given out at the March 19th RPG event. Please let everyone you know about this information. 

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  • What is the website for?

    Posted by Ethan Laska on 2/13/2018 3:30:00 PM

    Hello everyone, its Ethan L, the Sr High president. So you might be wondering why have this website, well the reason is so that if you need to see the calendar, or learn about the history of the club, get information about Matthew B Kehl, a dedicated past member, to be able to contact me or the other officers and/or the adult volunteers. This will also be the best place to go in case you miss special announcements. 


    ~~Ethan L.

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