Our Vision

  • The vision of our D.C. Everest District (DCE) is to create and maintain a robust, culturally and linguistically responsive system for identifying, monitoring and serving Advanced Learners. To achieve this vision, we must:

    • Provide consistent and on-going professional development to school staff around best practice
    • Sustain universal instruction and rigorous curriculum across all buildings K-12
    • Recognize that some students may have learning needs that require additional supports and interventions beyond the differentiated core instruction within the general education classroom
    • Build a student profile by examining multiple pieces of evidence to understand the whole child
    • Identify Advanced Learners who represent diverse populations of our school communities, including twice-exceptional learners, English Language Learners, and students from other groups historically underrepresented in our district’s Advanced Learner program
    • Engage parents/guardians of Advanced Learners through collaboration and on-going communication

    Expanding Learner Opportunities
    Historically, every student studied the same subject matter, at the same pace, using the same tools — and then demonstrated what they learned in the same way. Today, we recognize that each individual learns at his/her own pace, has different learning styles, and can best demonstrate what he/she has learned when given the opportunity to express that knowledge in a manner best suited to the individual.

    D.C. Everest’s goal is to provide each student with relevant, interesting and challenging educational opportunities designed around his/her unique learning styles, abilities, interests and modes of expression. To help each student discover his/her interests and develop his/her unique talents, DCE strives to provide every student with learning opportunities that:

    • Explores real-world interests beyond the core curriculum
    • Pursues enrichment opportunities that utilize critical, imaginative and problem-solving skills
    • Develops perseverance
    • Expands knowledge and abilities by challenging themselves


Image of lightbulb representing talent development