• How to Sign Up for DCE Text Alerts
    We will be posting school closures, delays, and other alerts through our @DCEalert Twitter account. You can receive text messages instantly from this Twitter account and you *DO NOT* need a Twitter account of your own to receive these texts. Follow @DCEalerts
    To receive alerts via text:
    • Compose a text message addressed to 40404 and send the message follow DCEalerts to subscribe.
    • You will receive a confirmation text indicating you’ve successfully subscribed to the text alert system.
    • If you’re not a Twitter user, you will receive information on how to “sign up and join the conversation.” You can ignore this.
    • As messages are sent to the @DCEalerts twitter page, you will automatically receive them as text messages on your phone.
    • Please note that receiving texts may cost you money if you do not subscribe to a texting plan.
    If you’d like to stop receiving our tweets via text, send unfollow DCEalerts to 40404.