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Mt Bay Artist Visit
  • The Mountain Bay Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is committed to supporting our school and our students! The PTO helps to fund field trips, afterschool clubs, fine arts programs, new books, classroom supplies, playground equipment, and many other events that further enrich the education of our children. It is parents like you and your support of the PTO that makes all these things possible!

    Our Mission is to create a community of parents and teachers by building parental involvement in the organization, and supporting teachers in their efforts to educate the children of our community.

    This mission will be accomplished by:
    Sponsoring fun and relaxing family events
    Funding educational programs
    Providing forums for parents to discuss educational and parenting issues
    Supporting other activities that promote the best interests of children in the school environment

    Mountain Bay PTO's Email:

    PTO Board Members (2020-2021)
    President -  Tracy Engman
    Vice President - Kelly Laffin
    Secretary - Jenna Drengler
    Treasurer - Sara Meyer