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iPad Summer Take Home Program

In order to provide students with the opportunity to learn and explore topics of interest during the break, K-11 students in the district will be allowed to take their iPads home for the summer. All learning resources available to the students during the school year will be made available to students during the summer.

We encourage you to work with your student during the summer and take advantage of the learning opportunities the iPad can provide. Please note that if your child is enrolled in the DCE Summer Program, he/she will need to retain their iPad. Arrangements may be made to turn in the iPad after the completion of a summer program by calling 715.355.0306.

Summer iPad Option Forms:

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GEM Student Group Takes Action: Bluebird Monitoring Project

As part of the “Shifting Skies: Birds and Climate Change” 2016 Project, D.C. Everest Middle School GEM students have researched the effects of a warmer Wisconsin on nesting birds, particularly the Eastern Bluebird. Through their research, they discovered that human impacts on the bluebird have spanned time — since the introduction of English Sparrows in the United States in the 1700s. English, or House Sparrows, began to compete for cavity nesting sites with bluebirds. The construction of nest boxes has been a critical step in bringing back bluebirds in recent decades.

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District-wide Talent Development and New Screening for Advanced Learners

TALENT DEVELOPMENT and ADVANCED LEARNERS  “All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.” — John. F. Kennedy Historically, every student studied the same subject matter, at the same pace, using the same tools — and then demonstrated what they learned in the same, exact way. Today, we recognize that each individual learns at his or her own pace, has different learning styles and can best demonstrate what he or she has learned when given the opportunity to express that knowledge in a manner best suited to the individual.

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How to sign up for DCE text alerts . . .

Twitter LogoWe will be posting school closures, delays, and other alerts through our @DCEalerts Twitter account. You can receive text messages instantly from this Twitter account and you *DO NOT* need a Twitter account of your own to receive these texts. Follow @DCEalerts
To receive alerts via text:
1. Compose a text message addressed to 40404 and send the message follow DCEalerts to subscribe.
2. You will receive a confirmation text indicating you’ve successfully subscribed to the text alert system.
3. If you’re not a Twitter user, you will receive information on how to “sign up and join the conversation.” You can ignore this.
4. As messages are sent to the @DCEalerts twitter page, you will automatically receive them as text messages on your phone.

Please note that receiving texts may cost you money if you do not subscribe to a texting plan.

If you’d like to stop receiving our tweets via text, send unfollow DCEalerts to 40404.